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What is Vaginal Laser Treatment MonaLisa Touch?

What is Vaginal Laser Treatment MonaLisa Touch? MonaLisa Touch is a carbon dioxide laser (CO? laser) to treat vagina, vulva, and urethral opening for various changes and discomforts due to vaginal atrophy. The same laser technology used for a facelift and sagging facial skin has applied to treat female genitals. A few minutes of laser treatment is effective for those who suffer from various discomforts as a result of vaginal atrophy during menopause. It also treats pain during sexual intercourse due to stress in 20-30s and vaginal laxity after childbirth. You can be treated even after breast cancer surgery. Your doctor can perform the procedures within regular gynecological office hours. If you suffer from any discomfort, Feel free to consult with us anytime.

MonaLisa Touch is the ideal treatment for the following symptoms:

medical_gynecology02.jpg ■Vaginal Itching
■Vaginal Odor
■Vaginal Laxity
■Vaginal Dryness
■Frequent Urination and Urinary Incontinence
■Pain during Sexual Intercourse
(Effective for painful Intercourse in their 20s and pain due to an atrophic
■vagina in their 40-50s)
■Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause
■Anti-Aging Vaginal Care

<h4Vaginal Atrophy
Vaginal Atrophy
In the female body, estrogen levels begin to decrease as menopause approaches, and it occurs various changes called “menopause symptoms.” Like facial skin, aging also starts in the vaginal tissue. Lack of moisture and elasticity of the mucosa causes a series of discomforts, known as vaginal atrophy. Thinning of the vaginal epithelium reduces blood flow, makes it more vulnerable to trauma. A low level of lactobacillus that keeps a balance of vaginal lactic acid makes vaginal pH level higher, creating an environment for unhealthy bacteria to grow, and it causes various vaginal problems.
Introducing MonaLisa Touch (Vaginal Laser Treatment).
It is an ideal treatment for those who have been experiencing vaginal discomfort due to dryness and painful intercourse.

In addition to the standard size, smaller devices are available to apply the treatment on the vaginal walls. Those who suffer from vaginal atrophy can also receive a treatment painlessly.
Feel free to call us to make an appointment.
Loss of collagen makes the lining dry and flat.
Laser treatment promotes to regenerate collagen.
The vaginal wall will be thicker and moisturized.

Features of MonaLisa Touch

medical_gynecology01.jpg ■ Painless procedures, though some discomfort might occur ■ A session takes only 5~10 minutes ■ No restriction of daily routine right after procedures ■ Avoid taking a bath on the same day and sexual activity for three days (Shower is ok) ■ Effective from the first session and the results can last after 2-3 sessions ■ Non-hormonal treatments

☆Patient Testimonials☆

Treatment Procedure

After counseling, your doctor will examine your vagina and vulva. If you wish a vulva laser treatment, your doctor will perform local anesthesia. It takes 10-20 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect. Treatment is possible on the same day as the exam (It may not be possible during menstruation because it could be less effective).

Frequency of Treatments

Improvements can be seen even after the first treatment. More effective results as you receive further treatments.
It is recommended to receive treatments once a month for the first three months, then once every six months.
The result may differ from each patient. Please consult with us based on the outcome of the treatment.

Treatment Cost

■ Vaginal Treatment 30,000 yen + tax (medical exam fee not included)
■ Vulvar Treatment 30,000 yen + tax (medical exam fee not included)
■ Vaginal and Vulvar Treatments 50,000 yen + tax (medical exam fee not included)
■ Topical Anesthesia 3,000 yen + tax
※If you are concerned about pain, a doctor will apply anesthetic creams on your vulva.

★Additionally, we offer you a fixed treatment cost of 200,000 valid for one year. You can schedule treatments depending on your improvement with peace of mind anytime for one year. The intervals for each treatment need to be 30 days or more.
reatments covered by insurance are also available. Feel free to consult with us anytime.

Schedule an Appointment

Appointments are available within regular gynecological office hours as first or return visit. Schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Recommended Recommended for women ages 30 to 40 years or older. Please give us your informations such as ; your name, phone number, your birthday, and let us know whether or not you have a Japanese National Health Insurance card. Send that to our clinic, here is the address




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